For Secure Wireless Solutions- Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio

Communication is an integral part of the daily life. It plays an equally important role in industries for the transfer of information between machinery and monitoring devices.  Different modes of communication are employed in industrial environments. Majority of these communication modes come with cabling, which has many disadvantages like reduced flexibility of the machines, high installation and maintenance costs. To overcome the short comings of cabling, Wireless Ethernet technology was developed. Ethernet technology is known for its reliability, speed and accuracy. Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio is the latest addition to the Ethernet family and allows point-to-multipoint communication.

What are Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio?
These Ethernet Radios allow building non-line-sight wireless connections that that connects devices like remote printers, VoIP phones, IP access control readers and other industrial devices. Ideal replacements for typical data transfer equipment, these radios come with many enhanced features. They are capable of withstanding high temperature and can easily penetrate through 10 building walls. The unique configuration of the Ethernet Radio allows up to 12 access points with 16 active clients per access point. Each individual access point of the Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio has its own non-overlapping channel with a maximum capacity of 192 subscriber units.

AW900iTR 900 MHz Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio
The AW900iTR 900 MHz Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio is the fine combination of technology and quality. Being completely IP addressable, this radio has a built-in spectrum analyzer, web browser based remote configuration and diagnostic tools. Designed for optimum performance in hazardous environments, the radio comes with a tough aluminum casing. AW900iTR 900 MHz Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radio features a LCD panel on the front and DIN Rail mounting clip for easy installation in different industrial environments.

Indoor Wireless Ethernet Radios have ushered in a new era in the field of wireless Ethernet communication and data transfer.