The World of Omni-directional Antennas

Electric Power is converted into radio waves with the help of an Antenna during radio and television broadcasting. This electrical device is usually installed in a radio transmitter or a receiver. They are also used in communications receivers, radar, satellite communication, cell phones, etc. Omni-directional Antenna is a category of Antennas used in radio communication.

Different types of Omni-directional Antennas

  • Whip Antenna: It is usually a single and straight piece of wire or rod whose bottom end is connected to a radio transmitter. It is very flexible just like a whip hence the name. It is a monopole Antenna that is widely used in radios, cell phones, cordless phones, FM Radios, boom boxes, etc. It is commonly installed on the roofs of vehicles for car radios, two way radios for police cars, and is also used in base station antennas for police.
  • Rubber Ducky Antenna: It is a monopole Antenna that is very short and is usually loaded on the base of the transmitter or the receiver. It consists of a wire which is springy in nature and is sealed in rubber or plastic for protection. They are mostly used with portable radio equipment such as walkie-talkie, transceivers, scanners, etc.
  • Monopole Antenna: It is a type of radio Antenna that consists of a straight rod. It is perpendicularly mounted on a conductive surface which is known as ground plane.   The output signal from the transmitter is received by the receiver between the lower end of the monopole and the ground plane.

Antennas play a great role in the development of the communication and broadcast sector. One of the latest addition in the category of Omni-directional Antennas is the Omnidirectional 3 dBi Armored Antenna. It is Vandal resistant and has a frequency of 902-928 MHz.


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