Factors Influencing RF Module Communication

RF Module is a small electronic device designed for transmission and reception of radio signals between two devices. As the name suggests, these modules operate at radio frequency and transmit signals in the form of electromagnetic energy waves. Transmission through RF Wireless Modules is better than any other mode because of their ability to cover long distances, making it suitable for many industrial applications. RF signals can travel even when there is obstruction between the transmitter and receiver. But what makes it such an able transmission mode?

Working Principle
RF Modules use electromagnetic energy waves for communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Frequencies are created at a source points which travels through the air at the speed of light. The wavelength of the signal plays an important role in this transmission, as longer wavelengths have the ability to travel greater distance and can penetrate or find a way around any object or obstacle.

Factors Influencing RF Module Communication
For computing an accurate range for transmission RF, it is important to keep an eye on the following parameters:

    • Transmission Power: This refers to the amount of frequency power that comes out of the antenna of RF Modules. They are usually measured in watts.
    • Line of Sight: Line of Sight means that the receiving antenna must be able to see the transmission antenna in a straight line for better communication. RF Wireless Modules have a Fresnel zone, in which the area around the visual LOS is also taken in consideration as radio frequencies can spread out easily.
    • Receiver Sensitivity: This is the minimum level a signal can demodulate. Transmitters usually send an amplified signal, which needs to be softened down before conveying it to the receiver.

Transmit power and Receiver sensitivity link together to form a link budget. This is the total amount of attenuation that can occur in RF Modules for smooth communication.

RF Wireless Modules have many home and industrial applications including, alarm systems, industrial remote controlling, process monitoring etc. All these factors must be kept in check, if you are buying a new module or maintaining an old one.


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