Types of RF Modules

An RF Wireless Module is a small electronic device used to transmit or receive radio signals between two devices. Such modules are complex to build and requires careful monitoring in the manufacturing process. RF Modules are used in many data transferring devices such as wifi, Bluetooth and much more. Different RF wireless Modules carry various frequencies such as radio bands carrying a frequency of 2400 MHz. RF wireless Modules in USA were initially used to replace the use of infra-red designs.

Types of RF modules available are-

  • Transmitter Modules: A transmitter module is a small device used in transmitting radio waves and also modulating the wave to carry data. These devices are usually implemented alongside a micro controller, which provides data to the module to be transmitted.
  • Receiver Modules: RF Receiver Modules is used for receiving the modulated RF signal and demodulating it. There are two types of receiver module, namely superheterodyne receivers designed using a series of amplifiers to extract data from a carrier wave and super-regenerative receivers in which operation varies according to change in temperature and power supply voltage.
  • Transceiver Modules: These devices are a mix of both transmitter and receiver. Such devices are designed in either Half-duplex operation or Full duplex modules which are expensive due to its added complexity.
  • System on a chip (SoC) Module: it is very similar to a transceiver module, but is created with an on-board micro controller. This controller handles radio data packetisation or managing a protocol.

RF Modules are commonly used in products for consumers for example industrial remote controls, smart sensor applications, wireless alarm systems, industrial remote controls and other medium and low volume products. RF module consists of various types of sizes and shapes of small electronic circuit board assembly which generally include a Printed Circuit Board.


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