Wireless Antennas

Antenna has become one of the essential parts in multimedia accessories. It is in the top priority list among many industrial and residential sectors. The system of Wireless Antenna takes upper hand in the diversity effect at the transmitter, receiver or both. The diversity effect includes the transmission of numerous waves of radio frequency that helps in increasing the speed of data with less error rate. There are different types of Wireless Antennas available in the market. Some important types of antenna are highlighted in the below listings.

Types Of Wireless Antenna

  1. Omni Directional Antenna – This antenna is used to send and receive transmissions from all directions. It does not require to point in a particular direction, since its radiation is 360 degrees. Generally, it looks like long flat sticks that act as a main antenna. This main antenna is used to distribute signals to other computers and devices that include wireless printers, PDAs, etc.
  2. Directional Antenna – Unlike Omni Directional Antenna, this type of antenna is used to cover the signal in a particular direction. It is available in different varieties such as the Yagi antenna, quad antenna, panel antenna, billboard antenna, helical antenna etc. that can be used in variety of applications. Yagi antenna has a great functioning as a wireless internet connection, which is widely used in remote areas.
  3. Highly directional Antenna – Unlike above mentioned types, Highly Directional Antenna offers numerous benefits. It is most effective to cover the signals in one particular direction efficiently. It contains two types of antenna- one is grid antenna that can be seen on the top of television set and the other is dish shaped which is mainly used to receive satellite TV stations.

Each Wireless Antenna has its gain rating or decibel isotropic (dbi) number that affects with the performance. Higher the rate of dbi, the more it covers the signal area. With aforementioned types, Omni Directional Antenna is the most recommended antenna by many technical experts because of its high gain rating and is considered as one of the best and appropriate wireless antenna.


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