How To Make Your Wireless Surveillance System More Efficient

Wireless technology is meant to eliminate the need of wires and also enable system control from a distance. However, installing a Wireless Surveillance System that does not have the adequate range is the same as not installing one. While choosing a video surveillance system, the frequency of the camera must be noted. In case, you have already installed a system that seems to lack in range, do not worry. There are many ways by which you can improve the efficiency of your wireless network. Read ahead to find out about them!

  • Improve the range: This is the first and the most important concern. Range of a wireless network can be improved by upgrading the antenna. The size and strength of an antenna decides its range; the higher the number, greater is the area in range. Make sure you check that the frequency of the antenna is the same as the cameras; otherwise no signals will be received.
  • Placing the router- The wireless router should not be placed too far from the camera. Choose a flat surface which is not touching the ground to keep the router. Further, hard and large objects such as doors and walls restrict the signals. Minimize the number of such objects to send uninterrupted signals.
  • Be unique- There may be other wireless systems active around your place. The intersecting signals can cause obstructions in your Wireless Surveillance System. So choose a unique channel in order to reduce the interference.

Wireless Surveillance Systems are used for providing safety to your valuables. If they do not work properly, it is not only a waste of your money but also makes your belongings vulnerable. So, know your requirements beforehand and keep these few points in mind so that you invest in the most suitable system.


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