An Introduction To Network Security

Network Security is the policing done by any network administrator for monitoring and preventing unauthorized access, modification and misuse of network accessible data and of the network itself. Network Security is of prime importance of the modern day world. All business dealings are computer based these days and hence require a wired or Wireless Network. And given that there is no lack of prying eyes, all set to steal and misuse details by breaking into computer network, the protection of Wireless Networks becomes a must.

Without complete network protection; any non-ethical hacker can easily break into the network and access the network resources as well as the data. For instance, wireless sniffer, the most common software used to break into Wireless Networks, when run on a laptop within the proximity of a Wireless Network can easily read and steal data exchanged between computers through the network. Evidently, protection of Wireless Networks calls for seamless measures.

Well, two most common and the best ways of protecting a Wireless Network from unauthorized access are:

  • Key Encryption ā€“ Encrypting the Wireless Network with a 128-bit encryption code is good enough for preventing forced entry into the network. The raw data on the network resources will become inaccessible for wireless sniffers and even if they read signals, they will not be able to make sense of them.
  • Firewall And Antivirus Software ā€“ Both these software come in packages and are more advanced than encrypted protection. They even let know the network administrator whenever there is a threat and also which network resource has access to what.

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