Developing A Policy For Video Surveillance System

There are certain considerations that organizations must take into account before installing a Video Surveillance System. A Video Surveillance System is used to ensure public safety and serve as a deterrent to criminals. It is also used for monitoring and managing endeavors. Places where law and order require stricter implementation, Video Surveillance System proves to be an excellent solution. The use of Video Surveillance Camera should be done only after contemplating over and developing a policy for the purpose.  This is because Video Surveillance Systems can be misused as well; abuse may include breaching one’s privacy, misusing recorded video clippings with malicious intent, etc. Let’s see how a policy will prove effective in this regard.

Developing A Policy For Video Surveillance System

  • The policy must discuss the objectives behind the installation Video Surveillance System and the logic behind the requirement of Video Surveillance System.
  • The policy must clearly state the system’s equipment details, the location of the reception screen, the names and number of authorized persons who will operate the system and the timings in which the Video Surveillance will be effective.
  • The policy must also elaborate the organization’s disclosures about the Video Surveillance Records with regards to the legal regulations.
  • The contact information of the responsible authority of the organization.
  • The policy must also contain a declaration statement stating that full control and responsibility for the video surveillance system will be maintained by the organization.

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