Applications Of CCTV Video Surveillance

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a closed & connected system used for surveillance generally in public places like commercial complexes and office buildings. CCTV is mainly used for security and monitoring purposes. CCTV has various applications in different industries. It is an excellent Video Surveillance Solution that not only beefs up security and facilitates monitoring but is also very helpful in general observation. CCTV Video Surveillance Cameras are designed for high quality pictures and can work equally well in indoor and outdoor set-ups.
Importance Of CCTV Cameras

  • Industrial Processes: In several industries, CCTV supervision is required to monitor the stages involved in various processes. Sometimes the law orders compulsory CCTV monitoring in these industries. Special CCTV cameras, which measure the temperature of the processes, are used for such purposes.
  • Reining In Crime:  CCTV is a very efficient tool to rein in crime because the recorded footage is substantial evidence against the criminal. A recent survey reports 51% depreciation in crime in parking lots and a 23% decrease in crime on roads where CCTV Video Surveillance was used.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Many cities monitor daily traffic through CCTV surveillance. This enables the authority to keep a check on traffic jams, accidents, etc.
  • In Retail Industry: Retail industry has many advantages of CCTV surveillance. CCTV in retail facilitates monitoring financial transactions, products on display, any incident of theft and many more such things that require to be maintained record of.

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