How Home Video Surveillance Systems Work

Do you feel those anxiety pangs for your home security? When in office, are you always worried about the security of your young ones at home? With the increase in the number of home break-in incidents and burglar activities, the demand for home security has increased. All this have led to the innovation and development of hi-tech Home Video Surveillance Systems.

Today’s Home Video Surveillance Systems have come a long way in terms of technology, capabilities and performance. With advance technology you can easily monitor your home remotely using any PC or laptop or even your smart phone. All you need is an Internet connection and there is no extra calling charge.

You can choose different types of Home Video Surveillance Cameras depending on your usage and the price you are ready to pay.

Know Your Video Surveillance Systems

  • Analog Surveillance Systems
    Analog Surveillance Systems are the most widely used standard Home Video Surveillance Systems.  Cameras are simply installed on the windows/ doors and connected to a DVR (digital video recorder). It is like the heart of the Surveillance System where all the recordings are stored in a compressed form that can be retrieved later. The DVR converts the analog videos into the digital form on an inbuilt server and can be easily viewed by the user over the internet. Any Analog Surveillance System consists of only one DVR which is responsible for the motion detection, notifications, schedules, alarms, etc.
  • IP Surveillance System
    IP Surveillance System is another popular type of Home Video Surveillance System and is completely different from Analog Surveillance System. Unlike Analog Surveillance Systems, each camera in IP Surveillance System does the job of DVR independently, like compressing the video, converting the analog video to digital format and streaming it over Ethernet. IP Camera has an SD card slot and directly stores the videos in SD card. Adding an additional IP Camera in the system is quite easy in IP System.

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