Tips To Install A Wireless Antenna

Until the late 19th century, antenna was fearful, complex equipment and its use was limited to high-end experiments involving electromagnetic waves. By the mid of 20th century, antenna became omnipresent; it had transformed the life of an average individual, when its application was encountered in radios and televisions (for signal reception). The proliferation of Antennas was marked by their use in broadcasting sectors, automotives, and many other applications. With the advent of mobile technology, presently, people carry along Antennas attached to their mobile devices (in case of GPS). This rate of growth will not cease as the increase in Wireless Communication is apparent.

Antennas: An Introduction
In simple terms, Antennas are defined as devices that are used for transforming RF Signal, moving on a conductor, into an Electromagnetic Wave in the free space and vice versa. Reciprocity of Antennas is one of their qualities, stating that their characteristics remain the same irrespective of the task (transmitting or receiving) they are meant to carry out. Most of the Antennas are resonant devices, working on a low frequency band.

Some Tips While Installing Antennas

  • Locate the Antennas separately from each other (a maximum distance of one quarter wavelength) for ensuring their best diversity performance (reception).
  • Two Antennas, if operating on a short distance, work effectively if there is no obstruction present between them.
  • Proper Antenna Distribution is of significance (especially in Remote Antenna Applications) for the Antenna to perform optimally.
  • Receiving Antennas must be oriented in the common plane as Transmitting Antennas.
  • If the Receiving Antenna is in vertical position the Transmitting Antenna must be in vertical position too.
  • Antennas must be kept away from metal surfaces

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