Antennas: Everything You Wanted To Know

The contemporary Electrical & Electronics Wizards consider Wires as snakes that slither on the path to progress and block it by bringing unneeded complexities. Therefore, the use of wire was discouraged, and resultantly Wireless Communication gained foothold in the turn of the century.  Straightaway, the main concern was to establish a system that steams ahead the power of a Wireless Communication. One of such systems came to be known as Antenna. In simple terms, Antenna is a device meant for either radiating or receiving the Radio Waves.

Points To Remember While Selecting An Antenna:
While selecting an Antenna the following points need to be taken into account.

  • Gain (the capacity to focus the energy in a particular direction) of an Antenna; the greater the Gain of the Antenna the stable the connection becomes. If a long Link is to be established then Antennas with high Gain is needed, vice versa.
  • Area of Coverage that is required
  • Distance of the Link

Best Practices While Installing An Antenna:

  • Line Of Sight: Irrespective of the place where the Antenna has to be installed (indoor or outdoor), Line Of Sight is a factor that needs to be kept in mind.  The path, existing between two Antennas is referred as Line Of Sight.  There are three types of Line Of Sight:-
    • Full Line Of Sight (LOS) where no obstacles occur in between the two Antennas Near Line Of Sight (nLOS) where some partial obstacles may occur such as roof tops and trees between the two Antennas
    • Non Line Of Sight (NLOS) where full obstructions are present between the two Antennas
  • Antenna Height: Ascertaining the correct height of Antenna is of primary concern. Some factors that need to be considered while determining the height at which the Antenna has to be installed are as follows:-
    • The Fresnel Zone
    • Objects present on the path
    • Distance between the sites

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