Evolution Of Video Surveillance Systems

Over the last two decades, there haven’t been any radical transformations in the designs of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems. Nevertheless, all thanks to the world events, there has been observed a need for the evolution of more sophisticated Video Surveillance Systems. The conventional CCTV systems based on analog technology can no longer deal with most of the today’s and upcoming security issues. Evidently, advanced Video Surveillance Systems such as IP cameras are being developed to meet the security surveillance requirements of varied commercial, industrial and even residential set ups.

  • Features Of Modern Video Surveillance Systems:
  • High-performance, innovative direct network connected IP Cameras
  • Wireless infrastructures and high-bandwidth networks
  • Hand-held communication gadgets (such as Cellular, PDA) with excellent video surveillance capabilities
  • Higher-quality, clear image processing
  • Lower cost storage solutions
  • Web-enabled

What Do The Modern Video Surveillance Systems Contain?

  • Congregated arrangements where the IT infrastructure serves as a constituent of the CCTV network
  • System incorporation of access control, CCTV, building automation and biometrics
  • The requirement for remote monitoring
  • Protected but shared event monitoring and recording, which make use of database-type access processes
  • Multifaceted solutions to meet multi-level security needs
  • Co-existence of digital and analog video bases to make the most of existing infrastructure
  • Feasible resolution choices and frame rates to optimize and preserve the backbone bandwidth
  • Improved capability for the earliest responder personnel

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