The Myths Surrounding IP Video Surveillance

There is no doubt that IP Video Surveillance has emerged as one of the most sophisticated Video Surveillance Solutions, yet there are certain myths that surround this digitized methodology of monitoring. So, what are such myths and what are the actual facts? Well, read on to find out the answers!

Myth: IP Video Surveillance is not efficient enough to meet the demands of organization level applications.
Truth: For a number of large organizations, scalability of the IP Video Surveillance is one of those essential attributes that organizations always look forward to. The stipulation for future growth and increased requirement for flexibility in addition to the high levels of functionality with other systems make IP Video Surveillance the only best option for organization level applications.

Myth: IP Video Surveillance technology is unverified. If it is superior, why don’t the security integrators offer more of such Surveillance Systems?
Reality: Well, the reliability and performance of IP Video Surveillance is proven from the fact that more and more organizations, instead of depending on the analog or likewise conventional technology, are eager to switch to this technology. In fact, the security integrators too are coming up with even more improved IP Video Surveillance systems.

Myth: With IP Video Surveillance, it is not possible to protect the previously made investment in analog cameras.
Reality: Well, it is the best part of IP Video Surveillance that this technology can be integrated to analog cameras with the use of encoders. To make it more clear, a video camera based on analog technology can be transformed into an IP surveillance device.

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