Wireless Security Cameras For Your Home

With the increasing rate of thefts and murders that is reported in the newspapers every day, it is evident that Security Systems have become the need of the hour. From offices, to the Malls, to the homes, installing proper security systems has become the topmost priority everywhere. Of the many kinds of security system alternatives available in the market, Wireless Security Cameras are quite popular.

Features Of Typical Wireless Security Cameras
Wireless Security Cameras ensure round-the-clock security at homes & help to make the premises secure from unauthorized entry. Some of the basic features and details about the Wireless Security Cameras are as follows:

  • Provide continuous  monitoring and keep a reliable vigil on the premises
  • Runs on power derived from a battery pack
  • Excellent night-time viewing properties with ability to operate in total darkness as well
  • Smooth installation procedures with the capability of fitting into any plug point
  • Possesses infrared mode that guarantees intrusion-detection as well as the presence of metallic objects like guns and other weapons with remarkable efficiency
  • Access possible through laptop, computer, phone as well as direct internet
  • Optional availability of colored footage as well
  • Durable and tamper-proof construction with an alarm that is raised on any attempt of tampering or damaging the Wireless Security Cameras
  • Provides sound clarity with focused coverage of various spots on the premises

AvaLAN Wireless has firmly established itself as a prominent entity offering a premium quality range of the Ethernet Security Camera as well as other equipment like Spectrum Analyzers, Camera Housings, Wireless Bridges and Multi-Point Radios. The company is known for offering an excellent product range that offers reliable performance & is reasonably priced. For further information about the Wireless Security Cameras and other products, visit the website http://avalanwireless.com.


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