Spectrum Analyzer: A Complete Overview

The designing, engineering and repairing of any type of electrical devices or systems need a tool that helps in examining the electrical signals (passed and transmitted by them). The analysis of these Electrical Signals becomes significant for determining the performance, detecting snags and carrying out troubleshooting exercises related to the electrical devices. This tool is known as Spectrum Analyzer. A Wireless Spectrum Analyzer displays unprocessed signal information (power, voltage, sidebands, frequency, etc.), further providing clarity into the Frequency Spectrum.

Types Of Spectrum Analyzer:

  • Superheterodyne Spectrum Analyzers: This form of Spectrum Analyzer works on the Superheterodyne principle, which assists in sweeping the frequency all over the needed band for producing a view of signals and their relative strength.
  • Fast Fourier Transform Analyzers: This type of Spectrum Analyzer adopts a Fourier Transform, called as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The FFT technology enables smooth conversion of signals into digital format. The Fast Fourier Transform Analyzers are not easy on the pocketbook owing to the sophisticated technology they use.
  • Real-time Analyzers: These Spectrum Analyzers are a type of FFT Analyzers. As the name signifies, the Real-time Analyzers offer results instantly in real-time. Furthermore, these Spectrum Analyzers are based on the cutting-edge digital signal processing technology.
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer: Such Spectrum Analyzer focuses on audio frequencies.  Generally, the Audio Spectrum Analyzer adopts low frequency techniques, making it an economical option. These Audio spectrum Analyzers can be synchronized with PCs with minimal hardware- sometimes even a sound card can solve the purpose.

Advantages Of Spectrum Analyzer:

  • Easily captures the signals
  • Operates on a wide range of frequencies
  • Quick analysis of the electrical signal takes place
  • Easy to capture phase information

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