IP Video Surveillance – A Great Security Solution

With increased cases of crime & security threats, most organizations & businesses around the globe have invested in one or the other security system to combat the problem. Besides commercial & industrial establishments, different kinds of hi-tech security systems have also become a common fixture around homes too. With security being given high priority nowadays, IP Video Surveillance – a technologically advanced security solution, has made inroads into different places.

Wired Vs Wireless IP Video Surveillance
As most readers will know, IP Video Surveillance Systems can support both wired and wireless connections. Both kinds of systems have their own advantages, for e.g. the wireless IP Video Surveillance systems provide flexible control & are easy to install. These even offer a high performance to cost ratio. On the other hand, the wired IP Video Surveillance systems have a higher bandwidth. Also the wired IP Video Surveillance systems are the best choice in case there is need for high definition video feeds.

IP Video Surveillance – Different Application Areas

  •  Across business offices & other private organizations : With the view to ensure employee safety & asset protection, almost all reputed companies & organizations in the private sector make use of IP Video Surveillance systems today. This is a cost effective security solution as compared to other alternatives like hiring security personnel, etc.
  • For ensuring Road Safety: The IP Video Surveillance systems have emerged as a potent tool for the road safety department as these can be efficiently utilized to oversee traffic flow, to deter traffic offenders, to ensure proper traffic management & to scan the road conditions. The IP Video Surveillance systems are extensively used at traffic signals, airports, railways, ports, etc.
  • For ensuring Public Safety: Even the municipal authorities across many countries have started relying on these hi-tech IP Video Surveillance systems to ensure the safety of the people in crime prone areas, or crowded places, at high risk places like banks, airports, railways, etc. The real time data transmission & faster response time ensure that any security threat is duly managed without risking the people & property.

AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc. is the best company to contact if you are looking hi-tech IP Video Surveillance solutions. The team at AvaLAN Wireless has expertise in building point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless Ethernet connections for connecting “fringe” IP devices. All the products offered are the best in terms of price, quality & range. For details, visit http://www.avalanwireless.com/.


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