How To Choose The Best Video Surveillance For Your Business

The security of assets, both people & property, is a very important aspect which a business owner should not undermine at any cost. Nowadays, with developments & innovations catching on like wildfire as far as technology is concerned, there are a wide variety of security solutions available in the market. Out of these, Video Surveillance has emerged as a popular alternative & has been successfully adopted by many businesses, both big & small, around the world.

Tips To Choose The Best Video Surveillance Solution For Your Business

  • Type Of Cameras : Cameras are one of the most critical components of a Video Surveillance system & therefore, a business owner needs to put in a lot of thought & research in deciding what kind of cameras to install in the premises. Experts recommend using a combination of the available choices in order to arrive at the best Video Surveillance solution customized for your business. Broadly put, the choices available include PTZ cameras Vs Fixed, IP Cameras Vs Analog, Colored Cameras Vs Black & White, High resolution Vs Standard.
  • Different Connections: Deciding on the connection as far as Video Surveillance is concerned basically involves two essential aspects. These two aspects include –
  1. o    Choosing whether to opt for a wired or a wireless connection, &
    o    Choosing whether an analog connection would suffice or Digital Camera would be a better alternative.
  • Video Management System

The Video Management System is another aspect of the Video surveillance solution which is of crucial importance. The function of the Video Management System is store the video feed coming in from the surveillance cameras & mange its distribution in an efficient manner. The available choices in Video Management Systems include

  1. DVRs – Stands for Digital Video Recorder. DVRs are easy to install & support remote viewing via the Internet. They are still a popular choice among buyers, though advanced versions are also available. One limitation of DVRs is that they accept video feeds from analog cameras only.
  2. HDVRs – Stands for Hybrid DVRs. They are basically an upgraded version of the above, & can accept video feeds from both analog & IP cameras.
  3. NVRs – Stands for Network Video Recorder. They are like DVRs but only support video feeds from digital cameras.

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