Guidelines For Proper Use – Surveillance Cameras In Offices

A Surveillance camera is a special type of video camera that is used to monitor a specific area by transmitting all the recorded footage to a central room for further development. It keeps a record of all the happenings in order to attain a clear picture of the entire scenario. But there are some people who are using this technological invention to meet their own ulterior motives. Some people are using these devices to invade the privacy of others. There is asset of guidelines to follow on using a Surveillance camera:-

  • The use of a Surveillance camera should be well justified as it should not act as an enforcement or obligation. For example, if you are using a Surveillance camera in an office, be sure that there is a much needed requirement that would call for the installation. All the employees should be well informed about the reasons for having a Surveillance camera unless they might feel it is as infringement on their privacy.
  • Check out all the other possible methods of surveillance like foot patrolling, security guards etc. before opting for the Surveillance camera. Use of a Surveillance camera should be only allowed, when all the other methods have been proved to be unfeasible.
  • The top most management should discuss the effects of installing a Surveillance camera with the entire team. A proposed video should be made to depict the complete scenario before installation. There should be a feedback evaluation activity after the video is shown to the employees of the organization.
  • Organizations should provide assurance that the installation of the Surveillance camera would not be any intrude on the privacy of its employees. All the efforts should be directed in order to attain the organizational goals only.
  • There should be a complete management of data or footage collected through these cameras. If any employee seeks some information or wants to view any particular footage, he should be allowed to do so, after getting the approval from the concerned authorities.

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