Benefits of IP Based camera

In the most basic way, an IP camera is a combination of a camera and a computer.  IP camera is a device that digitizes and processes analog images, encodes them with the help of a codec and then passes on the video via an internet connection. It can be easily regulated with the help of an IP Network like LAN, WAN, intranet or internet.  It has its own IP address, so can be operated anywhere even in the remote areas (obviously with the internet facilities).

  • IP cameras can click excellent high definition images in optimum light. The quality can be affected if there is less illumination in the particular area.
  • Always check the efficiency of the inbuilt coding device – Codec. You should be really careful about the frame rate of the camera. It also affects the quality of images clicked.
  • It is apt for surveillance process. IP cameras are capable of processing data at great speeds.
  • An IP camera requires efficient network management eliminating any kind of manual interference.
  • IP camera can easily identify the signals of a wireless antenna. Unlike others it reduces the dependence on any kind of micro waves reaching out.
  • It is always better to have a NVR- Network Video Recorder along with the IP camera. It will help the camera to support different functions of different models.
  • The producers of IP cameras have a wide range of communication protocols.
  • These IP cameras can be easily plugged in to any network connection. It is one of the best features of these cameras.
  • IP cameras have their own IP address hence it can be operated anywhere. You can even operate it in remote areas with internet facility.

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