Security Camera – IP Based Camera Advantages Over Analog Types

Confused on whether to go for IP Camera or Analog Camera for your Video SurveillanceSystem? There’s no need to be. In the following section, you will get familiar with the advantages of IP Based Camera over Analog Types, and then making a choice will no longer be difficult. First, let’s get acquainted with both these cameras.

IP Cameras- Equipped with an embedded web server, IP Cameras are accessible and controllable over any IP network such as LAN, WAN, Intranet and Internet. They digitize, process and encode analog images and then transmit them over wireless connection to a computer system.

Analog Cameras- Equipped with CCD sensor, Analog Cameras do not have in-built web servers. They digitize image, process it but convert it to analog form before transmission.
Advantages Of IP Based Cameras Over Analog Types

  • One of the major benefits of IP Based Cameras is better wireless reception. Built in encryption allows more secure network with no interference issues.
  • IP Based Cameras are able to capture high definition, megapixel images and can work efficiently over varying light conditions.
  • IP Cameras easily integrate with a wireless network and as such are ideal for remote surveillance needs.

Besides, there are a number of other advantages of IP Cameras over Analog Cameras. For High tech surveillance equipment, you can contact AvaLAN Wireless. With years of experience, the company has achieved mastery in developing and manufacturing Industrial Wireless Radios. The company offers a wide range of high tech devices including Wireless Bridges, Multi-point Radios, Spectrum Analyzers, Camera Housings, Antennas and many more. The products, offered by the company, are in huge demand for video surveillance systems, access control systems, industrial automation, remote sensing and remote control applications. For more information regarding the company, you can log on to


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