Use Of Video Surveillance Cameras in Public Places

In order to enforce law and ensure public safety, governments have started resorting to advanced means, and implementation of Video Surveillance Technology is one among them. Video Surveillance systems can be quite handy in detecting and recording any criminal activity. The role of Video Security Cameras goes a step ahead as well as they can assist in investigation. Besides, the installation of Video Security Cameras acts as a deterrent for anti-social and criminal elements. However, there are certain considerations that need to be kept in mind when designing and installing Video Surveillance Equipment in public places.

  • The Video Security Camera should be installed at only indentified public places. The cameras should be installed in such a manner that they monitor precisely the identified place and not any private premise.
  • Operators should be restricted from adjusting, zooming or manipulating cameras so as to avoid overlooking spaces that are not intended to be covered under video surveillance.
  • Video surveillance should be restricted to time periods when there is higher probability of crime being committed.
  • There is should be notification regarding the perimeters covered by Video Surveillance System.
  • The Video Surveillance Equipment should be located in the area that is accessible to only controlling personnel and not to any unauthorized person.

These are some of the general considerations when using Video Surveillance Systems in public places. For high-tech Video Surveillance Systems, you can contact AvaLAN Wireless. The company is a distinguished Developer And Manufacturer of long range industrial wireless radios and cryptographic technology. The company excels in developing Wireless Bridges, Multi-point Radios, Spectrum Analyzers, Camera Housings, Antennas and many more. AvaLAN is a reliable name providing excellent solutions for surveillance video, access control, industrial automation, remote sensing and remote control markets. For more details, you can log on to


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