Selecting Efficient Wireless Home Security Cameras

If you planning to beef up security of your residential premise only installing a CCTV Video Surveillance System won’t be enough. You must ensure that the right Wireless Home Security Camera is selected for the job. Now, what are the parameters to judge which one is idea? Here are some of the aspects that you need to take into account when selecting Wireless Home Security Camera.

  • What is the image quality you want? Obviously, clear and consistent.  So make sure that the Wireless Security Camera that you select fares well on this aspect.
  • Keep in mind the size of the field of interest to be viewed and make selection accordingly.
  • Take lighting conditions into account. If there is need for supplemental light go for the Camera that is packed with such feature.
  • Where are you going to install the Video Surveillance Equipment, indoor or outdoor, is another pertinent question to consider.
  • If your priority is identification, then go for color cameras instead of monochrome ones. Color cameras will be give more details and have better resolution.
  • The three key factors that need to be considered while buying a Video Surveillance Camera are sensitivity, illumination and resolution.
  • Other factors that need to be figured in are signal-to-noise ratio, whether adjustments can be made electronically or manually, how is backlight compensation, digital signal processing, etc.

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