Why A Wireless IP Digital camera Is Best For Outside Settings

An Internet Protocol Digital Camera (IP Digital Camera) is a kind of digital video camera, which is used for surveillance. Unlike CCTV cameras, Wireless IP Digital Camera can send and receive data through internet. What makes IP Digital Cameras special is their ability to compress and encrypt video and audio signals and eventually send them to remote terminals by means of built-in processer and web server.  Let us know some of their distinct characteristics.

Within IP network Wireless IP Digital Camera can be moved anywhere.

  • With the help of PoE (Power over Ethernet), some of the Wireless IP Digital Camera can work without additional power supply.
  • It has a motion detector alarm.
  • Live videos can be seen from anywhere on laptop or computer or even a mobile phone.
  • Transmission of commands like pan, tilt, zoom is through a single cable.
  • Through encryption and authentication methods such as WEP, WPA, etc. data transmission becomes secured.
  • It has a single cable even for a two-way audio system. This system allows you to communicate with what you see on your camera.

In the market, you can see Wireless IP Digital Camera of the following two types:

  • Centralized Wireless IP Digital Camera: This camera requires a NVR (Network Video Recorder) system to function video, recording and alarm management.
  • De-Centralized Wireless IP Digital Camera: These cameras do not need NVR system. It has in-built recording system and hence can record the data in any storage device.

A Wireless Digital Video Surveillance is the right way to secure your home and office premise through better surveillance. AvaLAN Wireless is a distinguished Manufacturer and Developer of long range Industrial Wireless Radios and cryptographic technology. The company is based in US and deals in wide variety of Encrypted Wireless Ethernet and Data Communications Products. The products, offered by the company, include Wireless Bridges, Multi-Point Radios, OEM Modules, Spectrum Analyzers and many more.  For more information on company and its offerings, you can log on to avalanwireless.com.


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