Ptz Network Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera is the camera which can be rotated with the help of electrical motors. Pan-Tilt-Zoom indicates that the camera can easily move horizontally with slight tilting and has excellent zooming qualities. Other camera of this kind is ePTZ camera in which a megapixel camera is used for zooming in the parts of image. Security cameras of this type are usually connected to digital video recorder (DVR) so as to keep an eye on public movements and record a video of the same.

The Special Features Of PTZ Camera Include:

  • Optical Slip Ring – Unlike other cameras that have regular metal sliding door which touches the other metal end of camera while shutting down, PTZ Camera transfers the video from camera to its base through light beam which automatically shuts it down without causing any movement and chances of wear and tear. This reduces noise and to a great extent enhances the reliability of PTZ Camera.
  • Motion Detection – The PTZ Camera has superb built-in motion detection feature and that is why it is also used for security purposes. The camera raises alarm in response to the movements caused in front of it.
  • Highest Dynamic Range With Super Dynamic III (SDIII) Technology – As compared to the conventional cameras, PTZ Camera comes with built-in SDIII technology that covers the dynamic range up to 128x. Thus, the Ptz Network Camera is able to capture high-quality images even in harsh lighting conditions.
  • Image Masking – PTZ Camera has the capability of masking eight chosen portions of an image on screen so as to protect privacy.

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